Drage, between tradition and tourism.

Mario, owner of the Paradiso camping, is in love with his village. He will show it to you and how he makes his own wine, his olive oil and his figs.

Every Croatian makes his own stocks: wine, fig alcohol (help!!!), tomatoes, peppers and onions, oil and olives harvest. Mario always has a bottle, a glass or a few vegetables to offer.

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If for a moment we disregard the construction on the indented coastline, the usual model of contemporary tourism, and let our gaze fall on the pebbly bottom of the crystal clear sea, on the moorings to which old boats are tied; then if we close our eyes and listen to the bleating of the sheep or to the barking of the village dog, and through our noses inhale the scents of the blossoming Spanish broom and aromatic plants growing all over the place, of the figs growing alongside small stone houses… everything would look as peaceful as in biblical times.


But times are changing and what just yesterday were ragged and wild shrubs was replaced by the landscaped horticulture of modern edifices, and so Drage too are promoted as a modern tourist destination, still teetering on the brink of the strong crossroads of yesteryear and tomorrow.

The Vransko Jezero lake

The region of Drage is the sea, with its ports and its islands. It is also the protected park of Vransko Jezero Lake; It is the biggest lake of Croatia, where joggers, fishermen, nature lovers and hikers meet. It is a unique ornithological reserve, with rare birds like the Bee-eater.

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