Five Wells Square

The Square is located on a site between the medieval City Walls with a cornice and the Renaissance bastion Grimani where the city park is situated. In the Middle Ages there was a defence ditch. During the 16th century, the Venetians helped the city withstand Turkish sieges by building a large drinking water cistern with five ornamental wellheads, after which the square was named. 

five wells square

The pentagonal Captain's tower leaning against the wall with the cornice is the only one left from ten similar towers located on the margins of the medieval city. The Captain's Tower is named after the nearby residence of the city captain and it was built by the Venetians to strengthen the city against Turkish attacks. Today, the Tower houses the exhibition premises and a belvedere providing a beautiful view over the city.

The park named after Queen Jelena Madijevka, built on top of the Grimaldi bastion is not the city's oldest. Founded by Austrian commander Baron Franz Ludwig von Welden in 1829, a passionate botanist and admirer of Dalmatian flora, it was the first public park in Croatia. To create a garden on top of a military object was an unusual move, but one Zadar is eternally grateful for.