The Islands


In front of the Paradiso camping, a multitude of small islands, some inhabited, but mostly desert, or populated by sheeps and goats, brighten up the walking tours and offer havens for a day or a night.



Vrgada     otoci     Prisnjak

Some islands, as Vrgada (on the left), offer two seafood restaurants, and others, as Prišnjak (on the right) are for rent like hotels. No need to have your own boat to play Robinson Crusoë: Mario rents small boats for a day, which makes possible to go for a picnic on most of the nearby islands.


It is an archipelago, offshore from Drage, protected by a national park. The islands can be seen by boat. The park, formed by 89 islands, is extended on an area of around 220 km2. The islands are characterized by huge cliffs on top of the Adriatic Sea. The marine zones of the park have very rich biodiversity and ocean bottom geology.

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